Beat Therapy Records latest releases in Apple Music.

Vertigo - Single by Ivan Coronel
Vertigo - Single
Ivan Coronel
Techno - 2021
Inspecteur - Single by Natalino Nunes, Wilhvlm
Inspecteur - Single
Natalino Nunes, Wilhvlm
Techno - 2020
All u need - Single by Eclept, Ira Ange
All u need - Single
Eclept, Ira Ange
Techno - 2020
Digging - Single by Ramon Bedoya
Digging - Single
Ramon Bedoya
Techno - 2020
Ritmo Latino - Single by Josh Ayerdi
Ritmo Latino - Single
Josh Ayerdi
Techno - 2020
Rheita - Single by Pointless Animals
Rheita - Single
Pointless Animals
Techno - 2020

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