Any non-major label’s back catalogue can be added to the Labelism database for you to browse in the app or on this website.

Hundreds of label catalogues are already included but there are many more who’s output can be appreciated as a single collection. When your label is added we will find all releases that are available from them in Apple Music and iTunes and add them to a dedicated page in the app and on this website. These pages will be automatically updated each week with any new content found from them.

Requests for current labels and those that are no longer active are welcome. Nostalgia and rediscovery of forgotten music are as important for us as finding new music.

Users are invited to request labels are added by contacting us on social media or by leaving a comment here

About the Author: John

John Pollard is the creator of the Labelism app and website. He is a huge fan of Apple Music but felt strongly that the ability to search by label would improve it, particularly for fans of electronic music. Terms such as techno or dance are too broad to have much meaning for fans of the many subgenres of electronic music. For John, a specific record label is the stamp of authenticity that best signifies the sound he is looking for. Labelism was created so he could explore the back catalogues of the labels he has loved by way of Apple Music. He is currently enjoying the Metalheadz back catalogue on their 25th anniversary having been a fan since their beginning.