In Progress

Make the app FREE (app)

The app will soon be free to download on the App Store. Anyone who has the paid version shouldn’t see ads.

Improved genre tags (web).

Genre details retrieved from Apple do not offer much variety for electronic music. I am looking for ways to improve this on the website.


Label tagging (app).

This feature will allow users to group multiple labels together with a tag of their choosing. Example: I might tag the labels Basic Channel and Echocord with “Dub Techno” so I can browse releases from both labels at once. These user-generated tags will be used to populate a screen in the app with a list of releases from all labels with the same tag. This is intended to allow users to browse music in a more meaningful way.

Version for macOS (app).

For Apple M1 Macs.

User comments and chat for each label (app).

So fans can leave their reactions to the label’s releases.

In-app playback (app).

Allow users to start playback of releases directly in the app rather than sideloading to Apple Music (MusicKit integration).

Sync across multiple devices (app).

Favourites and play history synchronised on all your devices.


Label catalogues available to browse online (web).

The database of label catalogues with links to Apple Music and iTunes is being brought online so users can browse via the web when using macOS, Windows or Android devices. The process of adding the label collections to this website will take some time but is underway now. See the list of labels added so far here

Identify new releases (app).

New releases from favourite labels are highlighted.

Add to favourites (app).

Add labels to a favourites collection to access them more quickly.

Listen Tracking (app).

Indicate if the user has tapped on a release previously. This feature displays a check mark beneath a release once it has been tapped on. This helps to track your progress when exploring a back catalogue.

Listen with Apple Music (app).

Tap on a release to side load Apple Music with that release.

Search for a record label’s releases in Apple Music (app).

The main purpose of the app.

About the Author: John

John Pollard is the creator of the Labelism app and website. He is a huge fan of Apple Music but felt strongly that the ability to search by label would improve it, particularly for fans of electronic music. Terms such as techno or dance are too broad to have much meaning for fans of the many subgenres of electronic music. For John, a specific record label is the stamp of authenticity that best signifies the sound he is looking for. Labelism was created so he could explore the back catalogues of the labels he has loved by way of Apple Music. He is currently enjoying the Metalheadz back catalogue on their 25th anniversary having been a fan since their beginning.

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