Labelism app on iPad and iPhone

Version 1.2 is available now.

The Labelism app offers label-based music discovery for users of Apple Music and iTunes.

The user interface has been significantly improved in this new version. The introduction of a Favourites page lets you get straight to the music from the labels you like and also highlights new their releases when they become available.

You can access each label’s main page from this screen where you can browse further into their back catalogues and track your progress as you listen to their releases.

The search page has also been streamlined and is easier to use.

About the Author: John

John Pollard is the creator of the Labelism app and website. He is a huge fan of Apple Music but felt strongly that the ability to search by label would improve it, particularly for fans of electronic music. Terms such as techno or dance are too broad to have much meaning for fans of the many subgenres of electronic music. For John, a specific record label is the stamp of authenticity that best signifies the sound he is looking for. Labelism was created so he could explore the back catalogues of the labels he has loved by way of Apple Music. He is currently enjoying the Metalheadz back catalogue on their 25th anniversary having been a fan since their beginning.

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