Request a label

Request a label

The Labelism app is for fans of music from non mainstream record labels. A place where a label’s output can be experienced as a single collection.

Let us know which labels you would like to see in the app.

Request that we add your favourite labels past and present by contacting us on Facebook or Twitter.

Labels must have multiple releases from multiple artists available in iTunes or Apple Music to be considered for inclusion.

You can also leave your requested label names in the comments below.

12 replies on “Request a label”

Hi Dreas, thank you for the request. I’ll try to add Focuz Recordings this evening so they are included in tomorrow’s update…


Requested electronic focused record labels:

-AD 93
-Defected Records
-Cin Cin
-Hivern Discs
-Brille Records
-ESP Institute
-DEXT Recordings
-Central Processing Unit
-Domino Records
-L.I.E.S. Records
-DFA Records
-Loft Records
-XL Records
-Phonica Records
-Circadian Rhythms
-Beats In Space Records
-Young Turks
-Naked Music Recordings
-Lucky Me Records
-Electric Minds
-Convex Industries

I have added most of the labels you requested to the app today. I struggled to find the following from your selection in iTunes or Apple Music though:

Domino Records
Loft Records
XL Records
Circadian Rhythms
Lucky Me Records

Please provide some additional info on them if you would like me to pursue further.

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