Do I need an Apple Music subscription to use the app?
No. The app can also link you to a label's releases in iTunes. You can set you preference in the app's settings.
Which record lalebls are included?
Hundreds of labels have already been added. You can view the list here.
Can a label be added to the app?
Yes. Contact us on social media to request a label is added.
Is the app just for electronic music?
Any non-“major” label of whatever genre can be added.
How often is the catalogue updated?
This varies and depends upon when we receive data from Apple. 
Does the app work with Spotify?
No, the Labelism app is exclusively compatible with Apple Music and iTunes running on iOS or iPadOS.

Contact Support

You can contact us by emailing support@labelism.app or by using the social links at the bottom of this page.